desktop computer with opened trading journal

What is a trader's diary?

How to connect and effectively use a ready-made trading journal?

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Crypto Trader Journal

is a platform designed to store and analyze all of your trading history in a single location.

Crypto traders use TMM
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desktop computer with opened trading journal

Keep track of all of your accounts in a single place

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Instant synchronization and automatic updating of trades

trade chart with trade entries and exits and trade results


summary section with fully customizable analytics widgets

Get access to all your trades from one screen

trade analysis as a month, week or day for free

What functions does the journal have?

Add entry reasons, conclusions and descriptions to trades. Profit and all hidden fees will be filled in automatically via API

Access to historical data on the chart with each step you take in a trade

Hundreds of metrics displayed in clear widgets for quick and easy analysis

Fully customizable analytics dashboard: ready-made widget sets, lots of filters

Telegram bot will show a report on your trades, notify you about the execution of an order, close a trade, and display the amount of profit. Plus, you can share your results with colleagues

Risk management: set the parameters and the trader's diary will automatically highlight trades where you did not comply with the RM. It will send a notification to Telegram and tell you when to stop trading and take a break!

What traders say about TMM

Just wanted to say thank you for providing a free plan with TMM. Being a new trader, it’s really easy to see where I went wrong with my trades without adding cost with a plan on top of my losses. I’m looking forward to getting a plan once I get the hang of it. Thank you. Thank you Nikita and the Trader Make Money team for an amazing product and all the effort you’ve put in so far.

C H.

Hello, thanks for your website, it will just help me better in my risk and money management. So great! Was tired to lose time using excel. Now I can focus on my RM and trading strategies


I highly recommend this journal platform to every trader who operates futures on Binance. The insights you get about your trading style and performance are priceless. It's very easy to use and it saves you tons of time.

Arturo Sanz

TMM is best suitable for a beginner cryptotrader like me. It helps me to keep my Binance trading record updated instantly via API. It also helps me to monitor my trading performance through their Dashboard which shows the summary/analysis of my trading. Kudos to the TMM team! More power and hope for more improvement in the near future. I would like to request to add also the records of Spot Trading in Binance.

Sylvester Tingzon

I haven't found anything even close better than this service. If you are looking for a set of instruments to follow your trading data this guys made everything for that! Keep going guys, you helping people)

Yar Aheoro

After looking for many trading journals, I chose this One of the only sites which allowed Binance futures API and i am satisfied with the service. Lots of metrics can be analyzed to improve your trading. Although 1 criticism would be to improve the UI and UI experience but other than that, good price for the features it offers. Also, i had an issue with myself making a payment of the wrong amount to get the Pro version, but the customer service team helped me and it was great.

Some Random Dude

Must have journal! This journal is a must and has been immensely useful in my trading journey. I have improved dramatically with it and I have no doubt it will help those who spend time looking at their past trades and analyzing their mistakes. Go for it!


great tool, very helpful customer service. Just subscribed from free to premium. I love what I've seen from this tool so far. Also very helpful customer service. I made a mistake when transferring the subscription fee and they helped me fix it immediately.

Lord Kajafas

Great crypto tracking platform. Inexpensive and has plenty of useful features. Could improve the charting tool set, but otherwise my trade tracking platform to go. 5 stars


Futures stats aggregated at a breeze. Desperately needed a service to aggregate a dozen binance futures accounts and this is the first service to work remarkably well, no surprises. Happy to have subscribed!


Trading cryptocurrencies can be profitable, but it's hard to keep track of all the different factors that influence your success. Trader Make Money is a trading journal designed to help you keep track of your trades, performance, and progress.


Best instrument to improve your trading skills, and view statistics - TMM. Be sure to give it a go, and make your trading even more profitable! My fav feature is a summary of my trading, where I can easily see overall statistics.


I can't stress this enough but journaling is fundamental for successful trading. I have tried many journals and my latest find is @TradermakeM it has many useful features, and price/performance-wise it is one of the best out there.


Futures stats aggregated at a breeze. Desperately needed a service to aggregate a dozen binance futures accounts and this is the first service to work remarkably well, no surprises. Happy to have subscribed!


Great work with the app, very well done. I don’t personally need more than free version for my specific tracking, but going to subscribe to support regardless! Thanks again.


Frequently asked questions

Is trader's diary safe?

To connect a journal account to an exchange, you create a read-only API key. Using such a key, it is impossible to do anything other than download the trading history. Your money is safe!

Do I need to pay something?

No, you can use a free account with no time limit. When you decide you need more features, you can upgrade to a paid account.

What is required to begin?

To get started, you need to have an account on the exchange, create a read-only API key and connect it to the Trader's Diary. We support Binance (spot & futures), ByBit (spot & futures), BitGet (linear futures), OKX (Swaps).

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